About Us

We are Rob and Jody Elliott.  In April 2014, we moved from Perth in Australia to Geoje Island, South Korea to work.  Originally from Mount Gambier in South Australia, we’ve been together since 1983 (you do the math!) and we have no children (furry or otherwise) by choice.

Up until our move here, we’d been fortunate enough to visit 26 countries. Since our arrival in South Korea, we’ve managed to make 18 international trips between us – including New York, China, Vietnam, Bali, Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Amsterdam, Russia, London and Cambodia.

Upcoming travel includes to Australia, Japan, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro.

Our blog documents our life on the island and our travels further afar, often featuring our friends and family, and always including food and tips for those seeking to travel to the same destination.

Thanks for joining us 🙂

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