My Island Home

This week, we finally had a chance to explore some of the island.  I’ve included photos of Gajado, a small island joined to Geoje Island on the west side.  Like the larger island we live on, Gajado is mountainous, lush, green and dotted with picturesque fishing villages.  As we ate our picnic lunch, we watched elderly women fixing fishing nets, hunched over for hours and men hauling their catches in – one after the other.

Gajado Island 1Gajado Island 2Gajado Island 3

In the towns and countryside, you will regularly see women tending vegetable gardens.  They will plant vegetables in any spare available piece of land.  Below are photos of our apartment complex (we live in the building with the ‘Hillstate’ name on it #102).  All along the creek where our complex sits are rows of vegetables.  We have no idea who owns them or how any small plot is claimed.  What we do know is that those vegetables appear on street markets and stalls – directly from the ground, same day.  The photo below shows a timber hut which contains someone’s gardening equipment for the large vegetable patch right at the base of our building.  Handy if you need an onion 😉

Apartment 1Apartment Vege GardenStreet Markets 1

When I’m feeling brave, I’ll carry my bags of shopping across the creek on these very steep and uneven stone steps.  It depends on how quickly I want to get home, given it’s the short cut.

Apartment River Steps

The photos below are of Gajora Beach on the east side of the island.  We’ve named it Shell Beach because of the prolific number of, well…….shells.

Shell Beach 1Shell Beach 2

And finally, I’ve included a few photos of our apartment.  It’s a 3 x 2 and perfect for visitors!

KitchenLiving Room 1Living Room 2Master BedroomGuest Bedroom

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